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Joe Gideon - Armagideon (Vinyl)


Image of Joe Gideon - Armagideon (Vinyl)
  • Image of Joe Gideon - Armagideon (Vinyl)

Joe has teamed up with the Clouds Hill Label and, along with Jim Sclavunos and band mate Gris-De-Lin, have just completed recording and mixing their next project set for release early in 2020. The listener can look forward to Joe’s ruminations on, amongst other things, time travel, primordial bliss, reptile people and, of course, expandable mandibles.

1. Expandable Mandible
2. The Gaping Yawn
3. Comet Coming Down
4. Liquid Sky
5. Somewhere South
6. Scaredy Cat
7. Rule Rosst!
8. Salty
9. Quack No Duck
10. Berit's Cliff
11. Ancient Space Mariner