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Karamel (D)
Maschinen (Do-LP)
May 15 2009


Image of Karamel (D)<br />Maschinen (Do-LP)<br>May 15 2009

In Hamburg, close to the river – where it’s still plain and unpretentious – there is a man, doing what he has to do.

First of all, that would be listening, inspiring, arranging, mixing and producing. But once in a while, Johann Scheerer, that’s the man‘s name, is switching sides: writing and making music, recording it with his Studer A820, that’s as old as he is. That is the time when he is gathering Sebastian Nagel (guitar, bass, sythesizer, effects) and Philip Kranz (drums) who are consistently placing accents in an often minimalistic sound, without drawing the attention. This is the time for Karamel.

It is always that special point of view, that’s raising Karamel songs above the monotony of German mainstream pop, with a voice so tangible without interfering with the lyrics, a voice that prompts feelings, without being determined to do so.


Product Details:
Formats: Do-LP
Released: June 09th 2009
Catalogue #: CH008
Label: Clouds Hill