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Okta Logue (GER)
Runway Markings (LP, CD)
May 31 2019


Image of Okta Logue (GER)<br />Runway Markings (LP, CD)<br /> May 31 2019

Everything is easy with pathos and bombast – nothing is more apparent in the loud world of Rock and Roll. Without the common delusions of grandeur, however, you really have to come up with something. With something like “Runway Markings”. In the recent past, only the Arctic Monkey were able to pull off something like this with their “Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino”. Yet, “Runway Markings” is no calm, no shy record. Quite the contrary, in fact. It is radiating dynamics, it is captivating, exhilarating, is growing into crescendos and welcomes in with an utterly holistic aura. Bred and raised in Hamburg’s own Clouds Hull Studio, Okta Logue consciously left enough room for ideas to spread, for spontaneity, for spur of the moment things. “We wanted the songs to retain an untamed, uncontrollable edge. We simply watched where we would go once we stopped thinking everything through.”

The recordings with producer Johann Scheerer (Peter Doherty, At the Drive In, Omar Rodriguez Lopez) were what Herz calls a “very intimate process”: “Recording at Clouds Hill with Johann was a fantastic experience. We had our very own apartment under the studio and were practically making music nonstop. No distractions, pure focus.” Scherer proved the perfect guy for the sound, as Herz says: “Too well produced for a live album and yet sounding as if we play right next to you.”

01. Yesterday's Ghosts
02. Devil's Dance
03. River Street
04. Runway Markings
05. Part Of The Show
06. In Every Stream Home A Heartache
07. Interlude
08. Chocolate And Soda
09. The Wheel
10. Julie
11. Signals And Signs
12. Out Of Gas

Product Details:
Formats: LP
Released: May 31st 2019
Catalogue #: CH147
Label: Clouds Hill