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Ωracles (D)
Stanford Torus (12") - Sep. 2014


Image of Ωracles (D)<br />Stanford Torus (12") - Sep. 2014

The Summer of 2013. Ωracles are born amidst a sultry heat that trudges into dimly lit, smoke-obscured nights in a Berlin bedroom chock-full with instruments. Prochaine Oasis: A tapestry-laden study somewhere in the countryside. The first glaring beams of fall are greeted from the cellar’s distance. At the quartet’s emergence, it is soul’s winter at once. The light has retreated but is kept courted in a small circle around a private bonfire.

What happened? Ωracles recorded their EP "Stanford Torus". The “Untitled” opener sets the mood for what might be envisioned as their first message from a self-sufficient sphere not unlike the EP’s and ultimate song’s namesake. A fertile place where Ωracles reap the seeds of Shoegaze, Psychedelia, Kosmische Musik, Highlife and Afrobeat and chronicle search ("Gazing From Without"), loss ("Parting Ways"), desire ("Melt Tonight"), trips ("Journey Back To Dawn"), headstarts and dreams ("Untitled") in the process. A rich harvest in search for a better place, an Agharta. A journey to be continued.

1. Untitled
2. Melt Tonight
3. Journey Back to Dawn
4. Gazing From Without
5. Parting Ways
6. Stanford Torus

Product Details:
Formats: 12"
Released: September 19th 2014
Catalogue #: CH074
Label: Clouds Hill