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Two Year Vacation (SWE)
Slacker Island (LP)
March 29 2019


Image of Two Year Vacation (SWE)<br />Slacker Island (LP)<br /> March 29 2019

Two Year Vacation - Slacker Island

Theirs is a shared passion for sun-baked pop anthems, for endless days in the sun and for fancy sundowners by the pool – and Two Year Vacation’s debut “Slacker Island” is a manifesto for chillaxing the f*** out of yourself. “It’s an album about escaping to this perfect, sunny, chilled island that has the form of a pizza”, keyboardist Max Hessman is inaugurating us novices to the art of escapism. Juicy Pop, so bright it has to wear sunglasses. Usually, music like this comes from regions of beaches, babes and BBQs. Where it most certainly does not come from is, for instance, Sweden, whose long winters tend to inspire a more gloomy, doomy, harsh kind of music. They still sound like a troupe of hippie renegades from California, like a band of surfers from Hawaii or like a stag night ensemble sunbathing on the beaches of Cancun.
Be it the carefree, funky anthem “Better Off Alone”, the fast-paced, irresistible swagger of “The Way I Was Before”, the unforgettable “Renegades Of The Groove”, the easy-going slacker manifesto “360 Degrees Of Sunrise” or “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, written on a diet of sunlight and Gin and Tonic: Two Year Vacation have a mission. A mission to make you smile, to make you happy and maybe to make you drunk. Next time then you miss the bus or don‘t get what you wanted, just take a deep breath and listen to Two Years Vacation. The next summer is just a song away – and Slacker Island is open all year round!

01. Welcome to Slacker Island (Intro)
02. Better Off Alone
03. The Way I Was Before
04. I Forgot Your Name (But I Like You)
05. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
06. Wannabe (High)
07. Renegades Of The Groove
08. Far Away From Home
09. Keep Screwing Up
10. 360 Degrees Of Sunrise
11. Don't Wanna Go Home

Product Details:
Formats: LP
Released: March 29th 2019
Catalogue #: CH140
Label: Clouds Hill